Evergreen Landscaping offers a full range of landscape maintenance and design services with a focus on a range of needs such as large estates, homes, and commercial properties.

Landscape Maintenance

Evergreen Landscaping is focused on providing professional landscape maintenance service with consistent quality and reliability. We use nothing but the best equipment and top of the line products to ensure a beautiful and healthy landscape. Our landscape maintenance services include more than just the standard mowing and blowing:

  • Natural pruning and thinning of shrubs and trees
  • Proper fertilization management
  • Proper installation of seasonal flowers and local plants
  • Expert consultation for additions and improvements to landscape layouts
  • Application of pesticides by licensed and certified technicians using green products

Landscape Tips

Annuals and Perennials
Annuals and perennials can provide a dramatic burst of color that will highlight an otherwise non-descript area of your landscape. When planting an in-ground flower bed consider mixing different types, colors, and sizes of annuals and perennials. North Bay Evergreen recommends a color change three times per year. It is great to do this seasonal so that you can have new flowers for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Call us today.